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Virus and Malware Removal

Nicks Pcs Inc Virus Malware Removal

    Is your computer running slow? Unwanted programs, pop ups, and ads displaying? There is a possibility your computer is infected with Viruses or Malware. The virus removal process includes removing all of the viruses and malware, updating the operating system, and validating all security software is in place.

Nicks Pcs Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

    Nicks Pcs specializes in all forms of laptop repair. I will dissemble any laptop down to the last screw and repair any issues. Any make or model can be serviced. My specialized laptop service includes the following and much more.

- Screen/LCD Replacement

- Motherboard Repair and Replacement

- DC Jack / Power Plug Repair

- Hinge Replacement

- Keyboard and Mousepad Replacement

- Hard Drive Replacement

- Data Recovery

- OEM Parts

Nicks Pcs Desktop Repair

Desktop Repair

    Desktops still provide a great value and comfort in computing. I can diagnose and repair any desktop computer at a reasonable rate. Below are some of the desktop repair services I provide.

- Power Supply Replacement

- Hard Drive Replacement

- Motherboard Replacement

- DVD/CD Replacement

- Data Recovery

Nicks Pcs Hardware Upgrades

Hardware Upgrades

    Is your desktop or laptop computer running slow? A memory or hard drive upgrade may be just what you need. I can perform a wide variety of upgrades to any computer. Hardware upgrades can greatly enhance the performance of your computer.

- Memory (RAM) upgrades - DDR1, DDR2, DDR3

- Video Upgrades to increase graphics and gaming    performance

- Power Supplies to increase power output for    components

- Processor (CPU) upgrades for faster speeds

- Enhanced cooling updates to improve system    stability

Nicks Pcs Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades

    We also provide a wide array of software products. Microsoft Office, Operating Systems, DVD/CD burning, productivity, and other custom software can be purchased, deployed, and installed. Below are some of the Operating Systems we can install.

- Windows 7 (x86 and 64 bit editions)

- Windows Vista (replaced by Windows 7, by request)

- Windows XP (replaced by Windows 7, by request)

- Windows 2003 Server

- Windows 2008 Server

- MAC 10.6 Snow Leopard

- MAC 10.5 Leopard

- Linux Ubuntu

- Linux Redhat Server

Nicks Pcs Networking


    Wired and wireless networking can be performed to your exact needs. The following can be provided.

- CAT 5e and CAT 6 wired cable runs

- Wireless card installation for desktops and laptops,    support B/G/N speeds up to 450 Mbps

- Router setup to connect to different networks

- Switches for local traffic

- Firewalls to monitor and filter inbound and    outbound traffic

- Network storage

Nicks Pcs Custom Computers

Custom Built Computers

    Custom built computers is a passion of mine. It is the reason I started getting into IT. I can build a custom computer for any solution. Home office, gaming, or workstation class. There is a custom built computer for any budget.

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